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New York Yankees News: 12/26/2011

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Nick Swisher on the offseason:

"I think it’s time to put us back on the map. I think with the guys we have going into this season, we feel confident. A lot of people are saying, why haven’t the Yankees made any moves? Well, we didn’t win the most games in the American League last year with just nobody. We feel we have an amazing team, and we’re going to go out there and hope we prove that this year."

Hopefully he's right and hopefully he is a part of it, as "several" clubs have inquired about Swisher's availability. It's hard for me to imagine him getting moved, but stranger things have happened.

Joba Chamberlain has (full story):
-Played catch on flat ground with Larry Rothschild.
-Not had a single setback.
-Hopes of breaking with the Yankees following Spring Training. This is unlikely to happen, but everything seems at or ahead of schedule.

With the market for Hiroki Kuroda appearing to be in the range of $12MM for one season, how much of the $33MM left on A.J. Burnett's contract would you be willing to eat in order to trade Burnett and sign Kuroda?