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Yankees News and Notes: Kings of New York

With John Danks and Gio Gonzalez no longer trade options, the Yankees will have to get a little more creative if they are going to acquire an impact starting pitcher. Although some fans haven't been happy with the Yankees' patient approach, Brian Cashman remains comfortable with the way the offseason has played out so far.

If the Yankees are unable to acquire another starter, Phil Hughes will be asked to shoulder an increased load. In order to meet that challenge, the 25-year old right hander has adopted the same training regime he used before the 2009 season.

Not only has Brian Cashman been restrained in his pursuit of pitching, but now it appears as if he won't be a major bidder for Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. According to ever popular unnamed sources, the Yankees have concerns about Cespedes' preparedness for the big leagues as well as his ability to adapt to a major market like New York.

This afternoon, the Giants and Jets will be battling for football bragging rights in New York, but Justin Tuck set the record straight about who really runs the town. According to the Giants' Defensive End, the Yankees rule New York.

The Holiday season is a time for giving, and no one embodied that spirit more this week than C.C. and Amber Sabathia.