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Does The New York Yankees Answer To Their Rotation "Problem" Lie Within?

As the off-season continues to develop, many Yankees fans seem to be frustrated at the lack of action between the Yankees and top free agent starting pitchers.

There is the Yahoo report that Hiroki Kuroda is nearing a deal with a mystery team, as well as the report that the Yankees are not interested in Roy Oswalt-even if it's a one year deal.

While until the two sign you cannot count the Yankees out, the reports seem to indicate that the Yankees either have a move up their sleeves, or are willing to go into the 2012 season with their current rotation.

Is that such a bad thing?

The Yankees already will be giving spots in the rotation to CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, (unless he has the worst Spring Training ever) A.J. Burnett, (unless the Yankees somehow trade him) and in all likelihood Freddy Garcia. (sigh)

That leaves Phil Hughes for the fifth spot, unless one of David Phelps, Adam Warren, Hector Noesi, or some mystery candidates/minor league signings can steal Hughes' spot away.

As jetanumba2 wrote, both David Phelps and Adam Warren seem like solid candidates for spots in the 2012 rotation. The transition from AAA to the MLB should be a challenging one, but between the two of them, one should be able to make the leap.

Meanwhile, Hector Noesi looks like a candidate to be the Ivan Nova of 2012. Brian Cashman mentioned the possibility in an interview recently, and scouts have raved about Noesi this off-season. Noesi's fastball is even reportedly being clocked in at 93-95 consistently, and even at 96-97 once in a while.

Cashman said this off-season that Hector Noesi will not be in the bullpen this season, so it's MLB rotation or AAA rotation for the righty.

Follow me after the jump for what this all means.

While so many are stuck on the fact that the Yankees could not make any moves this off-season, it remains a strong possibility. (Of course this does not include the minor utility signings, etc)

The Yankees may upgrade their staff without making a single signing if Noesi and Nova can consistently improve, Hughes can give the Yankees some hope in him once again, and/or one or two of David Phelps and Adam Warren can make the leap to the MLB.

I still believe the Yankees will sign one of Hiroki Kuroda/Roy Oswalt to a one year deal, however, but if they do not there is no reason to panic.

*Side note, is anyone a fan of the Freddy Garcia re-signing? I was, and still am to a lesser degree surprised/slightly angered at the signing, and more angered that the Yankees guaranteed Garcia a spot in the rotation.*