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Hot Stove News: Minor And Major Updates

UPDATE: It is now confirmed that John Danks signed a 5 year $65 million contract extension with the White Sox. Cross him off the list.

The New York Yankees have a storied history, one that consists of many fantastic players. Fans are being asked to rank the top ten over at, and the results are as followed:

1. Mariano Rivera

2. Yogi Berra

3. Derek Jeter

4. Whitey Ford

5. Mickey Mantle

6. Joe DiMaggio

7. Don Mattingly

8. Lou Gehrig

9. Reggie Jackson

10. Babe Ruth


Meanwhile, the number of trade proposal suggestions are increasing, partially due to the 29 Trades for 29 Teams series.

Two key pieces of a lot of trade proposals have been Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances. Josh Norris provides a scouts take on Banuelos here, while Norris tweets that "of big names, guy the Yankees seemed most willing to give up around trade deadline was Betances."

Questions of the night:

Why is baseball your favorite sport? (If it is)

Hiroki Kuroda or Roy Oswalt on a one year deal?

Tony Pena or Joe Girardi, who would you rather be the manager?

Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, when all is said and done who will have the better career?