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If Today Were April 6, 2012...

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The New York Yankees lineup and payroll would likely appear similar to the following...

NOTE: Keep in mind that I'm roughly estimating a window of arbitration eligible players.

C - Russell Martin (Between $4 million and $8 million dollars depending on his arbitration hearing)

C/DH - Jesus Montero (~$400,000)

C - Francisco Cervelli (~$500,000)

1B - Mark Teixeira ($22.5 million)

2B - Robinson Cano ($14 million)

3B - Alex Rodriguez ($29 million)

SS - Derek Jeter ($16 million)

SS - Eduardo Nunez ($419,300-$500,000)

LF - Brett Gardner (Between $529,500 and $3 million)

CF - Curtis Granderson ($10 million)

RF - Nick Swisher ($10.25 million)

OF - Chris Dickerson (~$500,000?)

OF - Justin Maxwell (~$400,000)

SP - CC Sabathia ($23 million)

SP - A.J. Burnett ($16.5 million)

SP - Freddy Garcia ($4 million)

SP - Phil Hughes (Between $2.7 million and $3 million)

SP - Ivan Nova (Between $432,900 and $500,000)

RP - Cory Wade (~$400,000)

RP - Hector Noesi (~$400,000)

RP - Rafael Soriano ($11 million)

RP - Joba Chamberlain (Between $1.4 million and $2.5 million)

RP - Boone Logan (Between $1.2 million and $2 million)

RP - David Robertson (Between $460,000 and $3 million)

CP - Mariano Rivera ($15 million)

Clearly this won't be the exact lineup on Opening Day this year. But as of this moment in time, this is what will trot out onto the field. The only main difference is the DH position, which hasn't been filled. With so many players locked up throughout the next five to seven seasons, the DH spot will be used as a revolving door much like it was in 2010 to give various positional players a half-day, if you will.

The current 2012 salary amongst active roster players is estimated somewhere in the range of $185 million to slightly over $196 million. There's still room to sign bench players to reasonable, short-term contracts in an effort to lower total salary beneath $189 million over the next few seasons.

Here are my questions for you...

1) Will Andruw Jones be back with the Yankees? What do you think is a fair deal for him (year(s) and salary per)?

2) Will Eduardo Nunez be traded before Opening Day? If so, who would you find most attractive as a utility infielder?

3) Does anyone see Nick Swisher be included in a trade?