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New York Yankees News - No News Is Good News?

Another slow morning of Yankee news... what a shocker this is!

Whether it be to the surprise of many or few, the New York Yankees have been eerily quiet throughout the 2011 offseason. In fact, after retaining ace CC Sabathia for six years, $142 million, they've made absolutely no trades or free agent signings.

Now that they've "lost out" on priced Japanese phenomenon Yu Darvish, what's next for the Yankees?

From an overall big picture stance, it appears that the Yankees didn't really need to make that desperation move this offseason. Certainly if the price is right for a great player then it's worth tendering a contract. However, nothing has taken shape and the Yankees haven't offered ludicrous amounts of money to any free agents.

At this point, it appears the lineup for 2012 is completely set. New York bolsters one of the best one hitter through nine hitter lineups in all of baseball and didn't necessarily need to revamp offensive/defensive output for the 2012 campaign. If anything, like we've all said, it's pitching that could always use some help.

Yet again, when taking a closer look at New York's pitching last season, they appeared to do pretty well for themselves. The bullpen, despite losing Joba Chamberlain for the majority of the season and Rafael Soriano for half of the season, was one of the strongest in all of baseball behind stellar efforts from the ageless Mariano Rivera and the sensational David Robertson. Starting pitching was able to step up behind Sabathia, with significant contributions from Bartolo Colon and Ivan Nova periodically. A.J. Burnett was his inconsistent self, but provided innings alongside Freddy Garcia.

Now that the Yankees have CC Sabathia locked up, another two years of Burnett, Phil Hughes back and healthy, Ivan Nova ready to go and Freddy Garcia returning with a one year contract, should they be in panic mode?

Perhaps a bit short-handed when it comes to a legitimate fourth outfielder or backup utility infielder, those appear to be the weakest links in an otherwise great Yankee team.

Just because Darvish is evidently headed to Texas and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim landed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson doesn't mean the Yankees are pressed to make a key move. They've got plenty of talent brewing in the minor leagues and a team that's assembled to win it all right now.

Who left on the market would you like to see in pinstripes this coming season, PInstripe Alley?