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Can Jorge Posada Hurt His New York Yankees Legacy This Off-Season?

Jon Heyman reported yesterday that Jorge Posada contacted the New York Mets about possibly joining the team. The report was denied by both Posada's agent, Seth Levinson, and Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

After hearing the news before it was reported to be false, many asked if signing with the Mets would hurt Posada's "Yankees legacy."

If Jorge Posada is determined to play, there are only two ways he can hurt his Yankees legacy. Neither of them are signing with the Mets.

First of all, the Mets play the Yankees only six times next season. The only ways Posada can hurt the Yankees is if he contributes a lot during the six games between the two teams.

Secondly, the Mets as of now do not look like a playoff team, so the "rivalry" between the Yankees and Mets should not be at its strongest.

Finally, even if the Mets are good, does it really matter if Posada plays for them? Playing one season for another team that Yankees fans don't like, that the Yankees play only six times, and in a role that he won't be able to hurt the Yankees should not hurt his "legacy."

As a member of the "core four," Posada is very dear to many Yankees fans, including myself. The fact of the matter is that the Yankees are pushing Posada out the door, and Jorge deserves to take whatever opportunities are given to him.

Still, there are two ways that I would understand Yankees fans being upset with Posada. Follow me after the jump to find out the reasons.

1. Jorge Posada signs with the Boston Red Sox- Simply, I hate the Red Sox. All Yankees fans hate the Red Sox, and all Red Sox fans hate the Yankees. The rivalry is too strong to accept a key player switching allegiances, especially when the player has been a part of the rivalry for so long.

Posada signing with the Red Sox is extremely unlikely, but if it happens Yankees fans have the right to be upset, even though Posada deserves to sign wherever the best fit for him is.

2. Jorge Posada signs with the Tampa Bay Rays, hurts the Yankees during the season- This is also unlikely, but if Posada signs with the Rays, and excels in the role he receives, I could see Yankees fans being upset about that.

The Rays may be more of a threat to the Yankees than the Red Sox next year, (we shall see what happens in the off-season) so Posada would be signing with the biggest threat to the Yankees.


Personally, while I will be angry if Posada signs with the Red Sox or Rays, it will have zero affect on his "legacy" in my eyes. He's still a Yankee at heart and will always be.