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New York Yankees News & Notes - 12/02/2011

  • Has it really been that long?

Bernie Williams is on the Hall of Fame ballot

Of course, I don't really think that Bernie is a Hall of Famer. Whatever measure you prefer to use - WAR, MVP Awards, how much he was "feared" - he doesn't make the cut. But, today's Hall of Fame voting seems to exist in some alternate universe, where Jack Morris gets more votes than Jeff Bagwell, and since Bernie played for the Yankees, and (as far as we know) didn't use steroids, you never know....

  • A lot has been said about Mark Teixeira's struggles from the left side of the plate season (here, for example). What I wonder is at one point does a switch-hitter STOP being a switch-hitter and simply bat from the same side of the plate all the time? Has there ever been one? Tex is still a fine ballplayer, he's still above average from the left side, but like a lot of things, I'd love to see a team get creative and try this with a player at some point.
  • In the event that Jorge Posada does play in the majors next season, don't worry about his Yankees legacy:

Yogi Berra didn’t harm won hair of his legacy when he became a Mets player-coach in 1965, and subsequently the team’s manager. Babe Ruth was still the most beloved Yankee of his time despite going to the Boston Braves in 1935. At the time of his death, Thurman Munson was campaigning to be traded to the Cleveland Indians.