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New York Yankees News: Still Nothing

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With the rumor-mongering making it seem less and less likely that Yu Darvish is on the horizon, you'll probably be suffering through a lot more slow news days. The big free agent prizes, outside of Prince Fielder, who the Yankees seem very unlikely to pursue, have been bought up. I don't expect a big trade for a pitcher; what you see is what you're probably going to get.

The quiet offseason seems to indicate that even the Yankees have their limits. Before, their payroll limit was a myth, some theoretical construct that philosophy majors would bounce around a smoky room. Now, for at least the first couple of months of the offseason, it feels like a reality. The Yankees have $125 million committed to six players in 2013, all of whom will be 33 or older. That's not including the $28 million in options they'll likely pick up for Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson, either. That would mean $153 million accounted for with 17 roster spots left to fill. You can see why they've held on to Jesus Montero like a can opener in a bomb shelter.

The quote is from Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation, a site under the SBN umbrella that doesn't get nearly enough recognition for being awesome.

  • Is there anyone in sports more universally liked than Curtis Granderson? Piece of evidence number seven-thousand.
  • Excitement about batting order. It won't make the least bit of difference on the field if Robinson Cano or Mark Teixeira bat third in the order, but that doesn't mean that there won't be stories about it and that doesn't mean that delicate egos couldn't be bruised.