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No Yu? No Problem! My Plan For The Remainder Of The New York Yankees Off-Season

*This plan is following the belief that the Yankees did not win the bidding on Yu Darvish*

It is that time of the off-season....again! On October 28th I wrote what my plan for the New York Yankees off-season was, a plan that I have now updated.

Let's go point by point:

The main point, the one that I have decided to change.

-The Yankees should pick up Nick Swisher's option, spend on bench and compliment players, and either make a trade this off-season, wait until the 2012 Trade Deadline, or wait until after the 2012 season to get another pitcher.

The Yankees did pick up Nick Swisher's option, and have looked to spend on bench and compliment players by winning the bid for Hiroyuki Nakajima, as well as signing Jayson Nix and Mike O'Connor, in addition to the Yankees Rule V draftees Cesar Cabral and Brad Meyers.

However, I now want the Yankees to sign another outfielder in addition to Nick Swisher. Jorge Soler is a fantastic option for the Yankees to pursue for current outfield depth, and you can read about that here.

As for the "make a trade this off-season, wait for the deadline or offseason, I have changed my mind on that as well. I did not believe Hiroki Kuroda would sign with the Yankees, as he said he would not allow a trade to the Yankees at the trade deadline last season.

Now, Kuroda seems willing to sign with the Yankees, and it is a perfect fit. The Yankees can give Kuroda a large, one year deal, which Kuroda seems to want a one year deal only. The Yankees can then sign one of the pitchers out of the fantastic free agent class next season.

If the pitchers of the free agent class next season are not available, the Yankees could rely on one of the Killer B's, Adam Warren, Daniel Phelps, Hector Noesi, or even Graham Stoneburner.

Follow me after the jump for more.

-The Yankees should avoid C.J. Wilson no matter what.

Done. The Yankees barely showed any interest at all in Wilson, and Wilson signed with the Los Angeles Angels for $77.5 MM over five years.

-Yu Darvish should be pursued, but not given a massive contract.

As of now it looks like the Yankees did pursue Darvish, but also decided against placing a large bid on Darvish. We shall see if the reports are correct, however.

-CC Sabathia should not be given more than a five year contract under any circumstances.

The Yankees listened to this in one way, but didn't in another. Sabathia has a vesting option for a sixth year.

-Keep Nunez on the active roster, re-sign Andruw Jones, sign Jerry Hairston Jr. or Ryan Doumit.

Jones is still a possibility, while Hairston Jr. and Doumit signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Minnesota Twins, respectively. Hiroyuki Nakajima seems like the replacement for the two.

-Eric Hinske, Russell Branyan, Casey Blake, and Andy LaRoche should all get minor league offers if they do not sign elsewhere.

Still possible!

Michael Gonzalez on a one year deal only.

Meh, I changed my mind on this. I would not be upset if it happens, but the Yankees are fine without him.

-Chris Capuano, Freddy Garcia, Rich Harden, Mitch Talbot, Chien-Ming Wang, and Chris Young should all be offered minor league deals.

Capuano signed with the Dodgers, Garcia signed a major league deal with the Yankees (sigh) and Wang signed a major league deal with the Washington Nationals. Other than that, still possible.