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Yankees and MLB Hot Stove News

Could Fielder realistically get Albert Pujols money?
Could Fielder realistically get Albert Pujols money?

Here's the latest news from around Major League Baseball.

Update: Danny Knobler of CBS Sports tweets that the Nippon Ham Fighters are expected to accept the Darvish posting bid just before the deadline next Tuesday.

  • Jon Heyman reported that, originally, it seemed like Prince Fielder would shoot for a Mark Teixeira like contract. Then, it seemed like Fielder would aim for an eight year contract in the $200MM range. Now, one GM says he'll be looking for Albert Pujols money. Heyman places the Rangers as the favorites to land Fielder, but that might change if they land Darvish.
  • Heyman also reported that the Yankees seem to like Hiroki Kuroda more than any other free agent pitcher, and rightfully so. Briceratops posted a comment discussing Kuroda's peripherals, which seem to indicate he'd have success with the Yankees. Additionally, it will not require a long term contract to sign him, which begs the question, why isn't there more interest in him?
  • Despite that a multi-year contract seems to be in the works for Russell Martin, Brian Cashman said that the team has yet to discuss that option, according to George King of the New York Post.
  • According to Scott Miller of CBS Sports, at least five teams are in on Carlos Beltran, including the Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Rockies. However, it seems like the Rockies prefer Michael Cuddyer to Beltran.
  • On the left-handed reliever front, the Cardinals signed J.C. Romero and the Phillies took a shot at Dontrelle Willis.