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New York Yankees Placed A Bid on Yu Darvish

Update: Not looking promising for those of you that want Yu -

During meetings today, Yankees discussed Darvish. Eventually, they elected to make a bid on the pitcher.

Not promising.

As reported, Yanks made a bid on Darvish. I hear it was not huge, so don't expect them to win. The bid came in final 2 hours.

Buster Olney reports that the New York Yankees did place a bid on Nippon Ham Fighters RHP Yu Darvish.

The Yankees did not seem like they would place a very high bid, which would mean this tweet diminishes their chances of landing Darvish.

Still don't know what the number of winning bid for Darvish was, but sources say the Fighters were very excited by how high it was

Of course Cashman could have tricked us all and placed a large, winning bid. No way we know for sure.

Teams that did bid:

Yankees, Cubs, (link)

Teams that did not bid:

Angels, (link) Rays, (link) Twins, (link) Red Sox, (link)

I will update this post if any more news breaks about Darvish, but right now the favorites according to almost all reporters on twitter are the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers. My guess is still that the Rangers placed the winning bid.

Who do you think will end up with Darvish?