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Yankees and MLB Hot Stove: Things Still Happening

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Your hottest, spiciest MLB Hot Stove links:

  • The Rays have locked up young phenom Matt Moore for the near future, with a deal that could keep him in Tampa Bay until 2019. While the deal promises a minimum of $14MM (and a maximum of $40MM) to a pitcher who has thrown all of 19.1 major league innings (including the playoffs), if Moore comes within shouting distance of his potential, this will provide a lot of surplus value to the Rays. If Jesus Montero could be signed for a comparable deal, would you do it?
  • Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated opines that Edwin Jackson's perceived value has been greatly reduced by struggles early in his career and having already been a member of six teams. If the Yankees have intentions of bringing in another starting pitcher, Jackson seems like a great bang-for-your-buck candidate.
  • The market for Carlos Beltran has been surprisingly thin. If a team can sign the 34 year old Beltran (151 wRC+, 4.7 fWAR in 2011) for a one or two year deal, they'll probably get good value.
  • Francisco Rodriguez has accepted arbitration with the Milwaukee Brewers. As it appeared unlikely that he could secure a job closing elsewhere, K-Rod will make ~$13.5MM to be the primary set up man for Mustached American Hero, John Axford.
  • The Cardinals have re-upped with Rafael Furcal.
  • The idea of the Red Sox shifting Daniel Bard into the starting rotation seems to be picking up steam. No word yet on the importance of his demeanor, fastball velocity, and ability to shorten games.