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Sunday Football Open Thread

If you're a New York Giants fan like myself, this is a big week. After losing four straight games, the Giants have a chance to take first place with a win over their divisional rival Cowboys. You'll also be checking in on the Falcons, Lions and Bears, who currently hold a one game lead over the Giants for Wild Card spots.

If you're a Jets fan, you'll be checking in on a variety of other 7-5 teams, such as the Bengals, Titans, Broncos and Raiders. With the Steelers 10-3 and the Ravens 9-3, the Jets will be fighting for the final Wild Card spot along with the above mentioned teams.

And if you're a fan of football at all, you have to wonder how long Tim Tebow can keep winning. At this point, it's just remarkable.

Anyway, spend some time with your families, have some good food, and watch some football.

Also, for those of you who are in college, try not to go crazy during finals week. I feel your pain.