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New York Yankees News and Notes

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. Last night, Outside the Lines shocked the world by revealing NL MVP Ryan Bruan tested positive for a PED, and I'm still not sure how to react. Who knows, maybe Braun's camp is right and the test is actually invalid. For the sake of the Brewers' fan base, let's hope so. Anyway, here's your usual morning news.

  • Over at The Daily News, Mark Feinsand shared some Brian Cashman quotes. Among the headlines, Cashman was told that Mariano Rivera is fine. Additionally, he mentioned that Hector Noesi is a starter and he needs to get his innings, so if all goes well, he won't be wasted in the pen the way he was in 2011.
  • Wallace Matthews of ESPN made the guess that neither Yu Darvish nor Yoenis Cespedes will be wearing Yankees pinstripes in 2012.
  • Matthews also cited a team source who was disgusted over the Marlins recent spending spree. From the source: "Where do you think the Marlins got all that money to spend? From revenue sharing... From us." I have to wonder how accurate that is, and I have to wonder how much revenue sharing the Marlins have pocketed over the years.
  • Andrew Marchand provided his five Yankees related notes to take away from the Winter Meetings.
  • Matt Imbrogno of The Yankee Analysts wondered if the Yankees' lack of spending has anything to do with saving up for Yu Darvish.
  • In his mailbag, Mike Axisa opined that the Yankees would have needed to offer Manny Banuelos, Brandon Laird, and George Kontos to match the Diamondbacks offer for Trevor Cahill.
Have a good one, and come back for the Sunday football open thread later.