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New York Yankees News and Notes: A King’s Ransom

With the Angels upping the ante in the A.L. West, ESPN's Dave Schoenfield suggests it might now be time for the Mariners to shop Felix Hernandez, and wonders if Jesus Montero, Brett Gardner, Manny Banuelos and another prospect would do the trick?

In the wake of the winter meetings, the Diamondbacks acquired Trevor Cahill from the Oakland Athletics for a package of prospects headlined by Jarrod Parker. Does this deal mean Brian Cashman has to scratch Gio Gonzalez off his list?

The Rays continue to lock up budding young stars to favorable long-term deals. Yesterday, the team signed 22-year old left hander Matt Moore to a five-year deal worth $14 million with two team options that could bring the total value to $40 million. With the Yankees recently talking about budgets, might it be worthwhile for the team to make similar offers to Jesus Montero, and perhaps even Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, two pitchers coming off disappointing points in their careers, but approaching arbitration?

Lately, the Yankees seem to be making the most noise about moves they are not willing to make. Although any story related to the Yu Darvish posting has to be taken with a grain of salt because it is in the interest of the team to obscure its true intentions, there have been several reports suggesting the Yankees may not be inclined to place a bid for the Japanese right hander. Meanwhile, the team has also reportedly disavowed any interest in former Dodgers’ pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.

The Yankees officially announced the signing of Freddy Garcia to a one-year deal worth a guaranteed $4 million. In order to make room on the roster for Garcia, outfielder Colin Curtis for designated for assignment.