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Late Night News: Bobby Valentine And David Cone

Bobby Valentine was officially announced as the Boston Red Sox' new manager today. Valentine spoke a lot about various topics, but let's look at the highlights:

Courtesy of Jack Curry:

Valentine said "no one in the room has made as many mistakes as I have."

Courtesy of Dan Barbarisi:

Valentine says he's psyched up for Red Sox-Yankees: "I think we're going to be able to match them."

Bobby V: "Im not the monster who breathes fire that people refer to me as." insists he's no genius or devil, just a regular guy.

Also, it's worth noting that John Henry attended the press conference, but did not attend the press conference for his new GM, Ben Cherington.

Bobby Valentine contacted David Cone about the Red Sox' pitching coach opening, but Cone is not interested, according to Jack Curry. I must admit I believe Cone would be a fantastic pitching coach, and I am very glad to see he is not taking the Red Sox job.

Valentine should make for some interesting headlines this season.