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New York Yankees News: 11/8/2011

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Mood Music - The Punk and The Godfather by The Who

To break up the flow of whatever debauchery you people get up to during the offseason, I spent upwards of seven minutes scouring the internet for New York Yankees related stories to keep you entertained.  I found three:

MLB All Stars Sweep Taiwan Series
The winning battery was Jeremy Guthrie and Jeff Mathis, so the All Star label was clearly conceived by the marketing department in the hopes that Americans would be too distracted by football and that awful music you kids like.  Robinson Cano hit a home run though, so there's that.

Scouting the Trade Market: Gio Gonzalez
Mike Axisa of River Ave Blues breaks down the pros and cons of trying to make a deal for Oakland A's starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez.  It's tough to do too much speculation without a better idea of the cost of acquiring him and how inclined the A's are to move him, but I'm sure that Brian Cashman is kicking the tires on what starting pitching may be available.

Mark Teixeira Loves Patch
is the headline of this article.