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SBN's AL Cy Young Award Winner: Justin Verlander

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This went as expected. Detroit's Justin Verlander took home the award with all but two (of 24) first place votes. He led the league in almost every important category: wins, win percentage, ERA, ERA+, starts, innings, strikeouts, WHIP and hits/9. I mean, he won the pitching triple crown (wins, ERA, strikeouts) for goodness sake. He became the AL's first to do so since Johan Santana five years ago.

Two through five went as such: CC Sabathia, Jered Weaver, James Shields and C.J. Wilson. Sabathia was the only other hurler to receive a first place vote. FYI, he actually beat out Verlander in fWAR (7.1 to 7.0) due to better home run and groundball rates and a higher (i.e. unluckier) BABIP, though Verlander bested him easily in bWAR (8.6 to 6.9).

Perhaps this begs the question: if you could trade CC for Verlander straight up (disregarding contracts), would you do it?

Check back tomorrow for SBN's NL Cy Young Award winner.