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Who is Yoenis Cespedes?

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As Josh Norris (Trenton Thunder's beat writer) pointed out, this guy has become famous fast.

Update: The Yanks had a private workout with Cespedes today.

  • He's a 26-year-old (so he says) Cuban centerfielder who's been compared to Anaheim's Mike Trout. He recently defected to the Dominican Republic.
  • The Yankees are reportedly "hot" for him.
  • He led Cuba's top pro league in home runs, with 33 in 89 games, batting .333/.424/.667 overall.
  • His agents think they can get him $30 million, similar to fellow Cuban Aroldis Chapman's deal with Cincinnati.
  • BPro's Kevin Goldstein and Yahoo's Jeff Passan critiqued his unusual scouting video.
  • This is obviously a huge "if," but if the Yankees signed him, I think it would be more in the hopes he took over rightfield in 2013 when Nick Swisher's contract was up rather than see him in center. From the video, he seems to have above-average agility/speed (for a ballplayer), but certainly not better than Curtis Granderson or Brett Gardner. He definitely has more of a corner-outfielder look.
  • Courtesy of Goldstein -
He's a tremendous talent - arguably the best all-around player to come out of Cuba in a generation. He's a legitimate centerfielder with plus power and speed and is in his prime. Much like Aroldis Chapman was the best pitcher from the island, Cespedes is the best position player...