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Introducing the "Vs." Series: To Sign Yu Darvish, Or Not To Sign Yu Darvish?

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As the off-season rolls by you will see multiple posts related to the hot stove, but will also see a few feature series' make their debuts.

The first series is the "vs." series, an idea of mine that is very similar to the "Baseball Courtroom."

The vs. series works like this:

Day 1: Preview of what topic two front page writers will debate, poll asking the readers their opinion on the topic.

Day 2: First argument made

Day 3: Second argument made

Day 4: Recap of two arguments, poll to see which writer made the better argument.

This current series will be running from Sunday-Wednesday.

Follow me after the jump for more.

Frankie Camp will be making the argument against signing Yu Darvish. I would like to stress that he was unaware of Kuri's earlier post when he wrote his argument, and did not change the post after reading Kuri's at all.

Yankees2 will be arguing in favor of signing Darvish.

The arguments do not necessarily reflect the writers true beliefs, but they could.

So, I ask you, Pinstripe Alley: Are you in favor of the Yankees signing Yu Darvish?