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New York Yankees News Recap: Martin Extension, Burnett, Garcia and Free Agent Pitchers

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Russ could be in pinstripes for a long time.
Russ could be in pinstripes for a long time.

Brian Cashman really likes Russell Martin. So much so that he compared him favorably to Thurman Munson and is open to a multi-year extension for the 28-year-old backstop. 

  • There's no "if" regarding A.J. Burnett. Cashman said it was a bad choice of words that caused all the speculation that he might be traded this winter. He added, "I won't be shopping anybody. I can tell you that."
  • Freddy Garcia wants to return to New York in 2012. But do the Yankees want him?
  • One line agents always use to entice the Yankees into signing their clients goes something like: "My guy can handle the pressure of New York." That's what the agents for Mark Buehrle, Roy Oswalt and C.J. Wilson are saying. 
  • Is Roger Clemens planning a comeback to competitive baseball? He's been throwing bullpen sessions in Puerto Rico recently and could return to pro ball for the Indios de Mayaguez.
  • Curtis Granderson is rubbing off on Robinson Cano. On Thursday, Cano visited children at a hospital in Taiwan during a trip in which major leaguers are playing a five-game series against Taiwanese All-Stars. He seemed to be a bit hit there even before the visit, so I have to think this will only endear him more in the budding baseball nation.
  • Albert Pujols is not in the Yankees' plans. It's still all about the pitching.
  • Three former Yankees will be eligible for the Hall of Fame's Golden Era ballotThey include Allie Reynolds, Jim Kaat and Luis Tiant. The voting will occur on December 5th.
  • To keep track of all the free agents this offseason, you can check out Yahoo's or ESPN's.