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Eligible Teams for "Competitive Balance Lottery" Announced

Thirteen teams were announced as the first teams to be eligible for the "Competitive Balance Lottery." Teams are determined to be eligible or not based on market size and revenue.

However, the part that I don't understand is why the World Series champion Cardinals are included in this. If this is really supposed to support "competitive balance," why are the reigning champions of Major League Baseball being placed in a lottery to obtain extra draft picks? I understand the premise of the idea, but if a team is winning, do they really need this extra "competitive balance?"

The winning teams will receive a pick after the compensation round, making the Competitive Balance round a sandwich round between the compensation round and the second round of the draft.

Additionally, there will be another Competitive Balance round after the second round. Teams eligible for this round are who missed out on the first lottery, as well as any other team that receives revenue sharing.

Thoughts, Pinstripe Alley?

Also, feel free to use this as an open thread.