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Potential Trade Candidate: Chad Billingsley

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I recently emailed Eric Stephen from True Blue LA, the Los Angeles Dodgers' SB Nation website,  about the possibility of the Yankees trading for Chad Billingsley. Below are the questions and answers.

BC: Would you call Chad Billingsley "available?"

ES: I think the Dodgers would listen to offers but won't actively be shopping Billingsley. As it stands right now, their starting staff is Clayton Kershaw, Billingsley, and Ted Lilly. They are waiting on a decision from Hiroki Kuroda on whether he will come back to the Dodgers or go back to Japan, but with or without Kuroda their rotation would be razor thin without Billingsley.

BC: Would you call Billingsley's 2011 season a disappointment? Do you think the Dodgers upper management would call it a disappointment?

ES: Yes, it was a disappointment. It wasn't necessarily a bad season, but as a whole Billingsley was just rather ordinary, and his finish to the season was especially bad (4.85 ERA, 33 walks, 38 strikeouts in 59 innings over his last 11 starts). Manager Don Mattingly and Billingsley too both expressed disappointment in the way Billingsley finished the year, but with the hope that Billingsley is still young enough and talented enough to turn things around.

BC: What types of prospects are the Dodgers looking for?

ES: Generally, the Dodgers are actually fairly deep in pitching prospects, but lacking in advanced hitting prospects. Their organizational depth at third base especially is very poor.

BC: Propose a trade that would get the Yankees Billingsley?

ES: Jesus Montero.

BC: Any other proposals/pitchers available that the Yankees may be interested in?

ES: Can I interest you in a Ted Lilly? He has a mere two years and $25.5 million left on his deal. A former Yankee...

BC: How much could/will the ownership situation affect any possible deal?

ES: I don't expect many major moves by the Dodgers this offseason. It's hard to know just how quickly a new owner can be in place, but it doesn't seem likely to have one in place before spring training. I don't think there will be a mandate or anything to cut payroll, so the odds of a Billingsley deal are unaffected, in my opinion, by the ownership situation.

Thanks again to Eric for answering the questions! I do not expect anyone here to agree Montero for Billingsley, but is there a counter proposal you would like to make? Thoughts?