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Who has $10K to spare?

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A real email I received earlier today -

Hey there,

I've been reading your for a while and I like it alot.

Then one day I was sitting around thinking if I could somehow buy a Yankees related domain just for fun. I racked my brain for a few hours then it hit me: Yankees WIN!

You know that Yankees rule and Yankee rules and all the other permutations are all taken, and Yankees Win was also taken, but I sat it out for a few months for the domain to coincidentally and luckily expire just when I was ready for it.

The name made great sense, and honestly it's my favorite domain I own! The bragging rights are cool! When I tell Yankee fans I own it, eyes light up! John Sterling should have bought it before anyone else in 1989 LOL.

Ok, so why am I writing to you? I want to sell it, or maybe you would know someone who wants to buy it, and you can earn a finders fee. I won't lie, I know has serious value. I am a capitalist like we all are. I have bills like anyone else. This name is worth at least 10 grand, most likely alot more.

If you want it, I'll accept 10,000, not a penny less. But if you know someone who wants it and is willing to pay over $10,000, I'll give you a 10% finders fee.

Would you be interested?

The [guy] who owns wants $100,000! ....I want $10,000.....I am a reasonable man! LOL

Someone buy it. I want my finder's fee!