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New York Yankees News and Notes - 11/25/2011

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  • It's hard not to like the Yankees re-signing of Freddy Garcia.  After losing essentially the entire 2007-2009 seasons to injury, he has reestablished himself as a decent, back of the rotation starter, posting back to back 25+ start, 145+ IP seasons.  He's not an ace, but he's a dependable arm to have in the fold, and at a 1-year commitment for about 2% of the team's total payroll, he should be a bargain again in 2012.
  • With all the outcry about the new CBA, and the new restrictions it places on amateur and international talent, I'm reminded of a simple fact:

Most prospects never turn into quality major league players

  • The new "luxury tax" in the CBA may very well stem the flow of talent into the majors, by directing multi-sport stars away from baseball and perhaps also by causing high school players to choose college rather than a professional career right away.  On the other hand, the amateur draft was the best bargain in baseball before this, and even with a 75% luxury tax, it's still probably the best bargain in baseball. Teams will go over slot less often than they did, but you can be sure that they still will.  Plus, if enough teams go over slot and lose their 1st and 2nd round picks, that portion of the draft could eventually be rendered meaningless.  Some smart GM will figure out how to manipulate the draft to his team's advantage by 2013 at the latest. 
  • What are some Yankees players thankful for?    

A.J. Burnett should be thankful that he had Russell Martin behind the plate all season in 2011.  Who knows how high A.J.’s record-setting wild pitch totals would have been with somebody else back there?