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New York Yankees News: The New Deal

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With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement going into effect (summary), balance has been restored to the Force and there will be peace in the galaxy (at least for another five years).  While I don't always agree with all of the rules, it's good to know that there is no NBA-like mess on the horizon.  For me, here is the most important detail:

Expansion of video review from the current limit of potential home runs is subject to negotiations between MLB and the World Umpires Association. But MLB and the players agreed to add fair/foul calls and whether balls are caught or trapped.

Thank the superstition and/or deity of your choice and chalk one up for common sense.  The obstacles in the way of the inevitable march to a fair and efficient way to get the calls right are slowly being removed.  Hopefully they can agree upon a smart way to expand the system, but any further use of technology is likely to be an improvement.

  • Bleacher seats will be more expensive this upcoming season, but the price of some of the field level seats has been reduced.  70% of ticket prices will be unchanged.  
  • Mariano Rivera had surgery on his vocal chords.  No word yet on the availability of the doctor in fixing our Michael Kay problem.
  • Nick Swisher has been a hit with some of America's men and women stationed around the world.