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Why The New York Yankees Offseason Is Off To A Great Start

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While the Yankees are letting other teams set the market, the offseason is still off to a great start.

First, the Texas Rangers moved Neftali Feliz to the rotation and signed Joe Nathan, diminishing their chances of bringing back C.J. Wilson. By doing so, the moves also increase the chances that the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or the Yankees themselves sign the free agent left handed starter.

The Yankees seem reluctant to get involved in the Wilson sweepstakes, and the Red Sox are busy worrying about other things. The Angels, however, have expressed a lot of interest, which is great news for Yankees fans. If Wilson signs with the Angels, the Angels may not pick up their options on Ervin Santana and/orDan Haren next season. Both pitchers interest me as future Yankees signings.

Back to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are interested in Francisco Cordero as a reliever, and possibly Bobby Valentine for manager. The Red Sox tried multiple times to convince the Toronto Blue Jays to let them steal Manager John Farrell away, but the Blue Jays requested Clay Buchholz in return.

There have been rumors (which are not believed to be true) about owner/GM disagreements on managers, and top candidates Mike Maddux (family reasons) and Dale Sveum (hired as Cubs manage by former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein) dropped out of the race.

That left the Red Sox with Bobby Valentine, Gene Lamont, and Torey Lovullo, three different personalities. Do the Red Sox even know what they want?

All of this news seems to be in favor of the Yankees, who despite having made little to no moves this offseason, seem like they are one of the teams being benefited the most this off-season.

Here's to hoping the Yankees don't sign Wilson, and the Red Sox do hire Valentine!