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The Winner Of The 2011 Predictions Contest Is....

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....DCYanks21, formerly known as Jeterian 2.

Here are the full results, each question was worth two points, in addition to a bonus point question. See your answers here.

1. Jeterian 2- 18 points, 9 correct

2. Scooby Snacks, Marisa Ingemi- 16

4. david d, Cup Noodles- 14

6. upstateNYYFan1984, Meatface, Wraithpk, yankee come lately, Iggy Poptart, Bluecheese999, Russo, Let's Talk About Tex Baby, Mickey Welch, YanksVikes,- 12

16. WhatWouldJeterDo, jetanumba2, Yankees10, theconquistadore, greatscott723, YankeesJets- 10

22. phonty, GMan83201, ntrokel, ZachAB, NEILINATOR, ZigKitsune, longsufferer, Brandon C., jshep12, nj23nut, mk5188- 8

33. waw, donniebaseball23- 6

35. schwm39, nyyrocks29, 209209- 4

38. noonoo-0 (no answers given)

Thanks to all that participated, and hope to see even more next season! Next results will be from the off-season prediction thread, and until then feel free to discuss the best and worst picks you made in the pre-season prediction post! Thoughts on questions you liked/disliked from the contest?