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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove Report - November 22, 2011

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In the biggest baseball news of today, congratulations to Ryan Braun on being named National League MVP.

Here's the very latest rumors that have been whispered about the free agent market: 


  1. Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have made the new Collective Bargaining Agreement official today. 
  2. It sounds like closer Huston Street has plenty of suitors lining up for his services. According to MLBTR, there are six teams interested in signing him, including the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets. After bursting onto the scene in 2005 with the Oakland Athletics, he's experienced relative success pitching in Oakland and Colorado. He'll be 29 in August. 
  3. Now that the Texas Rangers have signed Minnesota's former all-star closer Joe Nathan to a two-year deal, does that mean the end for C.J. Wilson? With Neftali Feliz penciled into the rotation, it sure could be indicative. 
  4. Taking a look at whether or not the St. Louis Cardinals should try and lure Albert Pujols back is a writer for a St. Louis newspaper. 
  5. The New York Yankees released information about their 2012 ticketing plans and prices this morning. Take a look at them by following this link to the story. 

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