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New York Yankees News - November 22, 2011

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Having been pretty swamped this weekend, I'm just getting caught up on the news of the Atlanta Braves being interested in Eduardo Nunez. Here's what they're apparently hoping for out of him if they could somehow complete a trade with New York.

"They need offense," said Harper's source. "They need a shortstop because they don’t want to bring [Alex] Gonzalez back, and they like Nunez a lot. They know the jury is out on him defensively, but they think his offense is strong enough that he could move to the outfield if he can’t be their long-term answer at short." Via MLBTR.

In 2,772 plate appearances in the minor leagues (2,557 ABs), Nunez has managed a sub-par .318 OBP and .369 SLG. If that's what the Braves are looking at as their long-term answer offensively, I can't help but shake my head.

  • Fangraphs shows some love and gives compelling statistical reference to baseball players that should have be given some recognition for their outstanding seasons.
  • ESPN New York writes that the Yankees should be afraid of Bobby Valentine if becomes the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. What are your thoughts?

  • Just came across this gem of a story from a couple days ago. Yankees GM Brian Cashman slept out on 41st street in Manhattan on Thursday night into Friday morning to raise awareness for a charity that helps try to get homeless youth off the streets. I've got to give him credit for taking the time to do that.
  • Here's a series of humorous text messages that may have been exchanged between Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York and Brian Cashman yesterday.
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