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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove Report: Greg Halman & CBA Announcement

MLB's owners and players will announce a new 5-year CBA tomorrow afternoon. The biggest changes include moving Houston the AL and blood-testing for HGH.

  • A trade for Jair Jurrjens centered around Eduarod Nunez seems less and less likely. Brian Cashman said, "Don't waste your breath," while an anonymous source claimed the Yanks were not trading Nunez and that there were serious concerns about Jurrjens' knee injury. Another suitor for Jurrjens might be Kansas City.
  • Is there an anti-Yankees bias in the BBWAA?
  • We haven't mentioned this today, but Seattle outfielder Greg Halman was stabbed to death by his own brother in The Netherlands.
  • (De)Construction began today to lower the fences at Citi Field.