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New York Yankees News: Jair Jurrjens On The Radar

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What would you give up for Atlanta's Jair Jurrjens? Start with Eduardo Nunez and go from there.

  • Recapping the new CBA: the ML minimum was raised to $480K, a 16% increase from 2011; there will be blood-testing for HGH starting in Spring Training (the first violation draws a 50-game suspension); unfortunately, there will be no "salary floor" that forces clubs to maintain a payroll above a certain level; changes to free agent compensation, as well as draft-pick/IFA slotting, Houston to the AL, more interleague play, more Wild Cards teams and more arbitration-eligible players.
  • There's a growing feeling that Yu Darvish will not end up being posted. For that and more, check out a great Atlantic article
  • Nick Swisher sings for charity.
  • look back at the life and career of one-time Yankees ace Allie Reynolds.
  • The latest on Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes.
  • A lot of changes are on the way for the normally-Scranton(-but-won't-play-there-in-2012-because-their-stadium-is-being-renovated-and-the-Mets-wouldn't-let-them-play-in-Newark) Yankees.

Look for my article on which phenom I'd choose to start a franchise with at 11 a.m.