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2011-2012 Off-Season Free Agent Predictions

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It's that time of the year again, folks. Now that the hot stove is burning once again, it is time for you to make your free agent predictions.

In the comments section please comment both the player and the team the player will sign with out of the players listed below. You do not have to predict all of the players, and you are free to reply to other predictions.

The only request I have is that you please comment the name and the team, otherwise I will not count the comment when I tally the final results.

The winner will receive kudos!

List of players to predict can be found after the jump.

Jason Varitek

Michael Cuddyer

Prince Fielder

Carlos Pena

Albert Pujols

Jose Reyes

Jimmy Rollins

Eric Chavez

Aramis Ramirez

Johnny Damon

Raul Ibanez

Josh Willingham

David DeJesus

Andruw Jones

Grady Sizemore

Carlos Beltran

J.D. Drew

Jason Kubel

Magglio Ordonez

Vladimir Guerrero

David Ortiz

Hideki Matsui

Jorge Posada

Jim Thome

Erik Bedard

Mark Buehrle

Chris Capuano

Bartolo Colon

Freddy Garcia

Edwin Jackson

Paul Maholm

Roy Oswalt

Javier Vazquez

Tim Wakefield

Chien-Ming Wang

C.J. Wilson

Yu Darvish

Heath Bell

Jonathan Broxton

Francisco Cordero

Ryan Madson

Joe Nathan

Jonathan Papelbon

Francisco Rodriguez


Again, answer as many as you would like, and I will tally the results when the off-season ends. You can predict retirement, of course.

Also, if you predict a player that will be traded correctly you will get a point.