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Colon, Garcia, and Pray for the Reign of Youth

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Just a quick comment on this, because it's one of our most consistent themes here and neither you nor I needs to see me bang this drum until it get sore. Brian Cashman has reiterated that he remains interested in retaining Bartolo Colon or Freddy Garcia. The Yankees wouldn't have accomplished what they did this year without those two, and gratitude is in order. However, recommitting and hoping for more of the same seems like a bad idea, particularly in the case of Colon. One wishes that Cashman would aim higher--the top of the free agent market, if free agents there must be--or lower, to the kids, who are likely, some adjustment time notwithstanding, to contribute similar value and, and the very least, establish themselves as major league properties with value. Coincidentally, today the Yankees added David Phelps and D.J. Mitchell to the 40-man roster, and whereas neither of these gentlemen strikes me as a future Cy Young candidate, you can say the same for Colon and Garcia, and being younger and cheaper equates to tangible value in today's game and economy.