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New York Yankees News and Notes

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Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. Here's your morning news for Thursday, November 17th.

  • Brian Cashman is hoping for the "real" Alex Rodriguez to resurface. He also said the key phrase surrounding A-Rod over the past few years: "If he stays healthy, he'll be great." Now, I'm not sure what his definition of great is, but I think we'd all be ecstatic if A-Rod could return to 2009 statistical numbers with 2010 health. However, the likeliness of this situation is an entirely different story.
  • Former Pinstripe Alley manager Ed Valentine took a look at Yankees free agent rumors and came to the conclusion that no matter what happens, there will be at least one new arm in the 2012 rotation. 
  • Despite reports that the Yankees requested to meet with C.J. Wilson and his agent, that is not the case. Bob Garber asked to meet with the Yanks, and is still waiting on an answer.
  • Hal Steinbrenner said that the Yankees only need some fine-tuning.
  • The Yankee Analysts wonders if Curtis Granderson can repeat his 2011 performance, and comes to a simple conclusion: He's a really good player, he's still in his prime, and tightening up his approach at the plate could lead to another MVP-caliber season in 2012.
  • Mike Axisa took a look at the "Larry Rothschild Effect," noting that the Yankees increased their strikeout rates and decreased their walk rates under the new pitching coach. This may be attributed to a 4% increase in their breaking ball usage.