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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove Report: Marlins, Pujols, Reyes & Wilson

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The new-look Marlins are trying to make a splash this offseason. They've reportedly made a "substantial" 9-year offer to Albert Pujols and a 6-year offer to Jose Reyes (for around $85M). Update: the offer to Pujols has also been reported as "light."

Update: Dale Sveum will be the Cubs new manager.

  • C.J. Wilson's agent seems to be craving the Yankees' attention. Despite the front office's reported "light" interest, agent Bob Garber will make it seem "heavy."
  • The Astros' move to the AL looks all but official. And it was apparently necessary for their sale to Houston businessman Jim Crane.
  • The Red Sox are showing interest in Freddy Garcia
  • Matt Kemp's 8-year extension is expected to be announced by Friday.
  • Prince Fielder is seeking a $200M contract.
  • very good look at NPB (Nippon Pro Baseball), Yu Darvish and the posting system. Hal Steinbrenner said the failure of Kei Igawa wouldn't bias him against other Japanese pitchers.
  • People at the GM meetings are "raving" about Cuban OFer Yoenis Cespedes. Jon Heyman thinks he'll get more than Aroldis Chapman's $30M.
  • good read by SBN NY's Jeff Freier on sports vs. real life.
  • Over The Monster is fine with the Sawx not going after C.J. Wilson.