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New York Yankees News: More of the Same

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In keeping with the reported plan of not being desperate to make a big splash this offseason, the New York Yankees brass, headed by General Manager Brian Cashman, have been relatively quiet.  However, this should not be confused for inactivity or idleness.  Even if the Yankees do not land the biggest free agent stars, they will certainly do their due diligence and weigh the pros and cons.

It was possibly in this vein that C.J. Wilson was invited to New York to meet with team big wigs despite a few quotes from Cashman displaying a very tepid interest in signing him.  Or maybe it's not.

If the Yankees have a serious interest in acquiring Wilson, they're best off not tipping their hand.  If the Yankees have no serious interest in acquiring Wilson, they're still better off looking into him and at least feigning interest.  A few other things:

  • Kicking the tires on a Grady Sizemore reclamation project Part I and Part II.
  • Brett Gardner talking about his 2011 season that he called "inconsistent."  He plans to combat this with some extra work with K-Long.
  • Scott Boras is saying that the Yankees are interested in _________.  This time, the name that goes into the blank is Andruw Jones.
Other people end these posts with questions.  I have no questions.  You each ask your own question and then answer it.  Don't get it wrong.