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Examining the New York Yankees Off-Season Pitching Transaction Possibilities

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When I read this,

Yankees GM Brian Cashman operating w/patience and allowing market to breathe but is intent on getting Wilson or Oswalt

and this,

No matter what Yankees say publicly, NYY people telling friends to expect eventual big splash with a pitcher
It becomes harder to ignore the possibility that the Yankees will simply not end this off-season without a big pitcher. In December of 2009 the Yankees made a deal for Javier Vazquez, surprising fans across the nation. The deal did not end up working out, but the deal was certainly a splash.

This year, the Yankees find themselves with only two definite starters in CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova, one extremely probable if not definite starter in A.J. Burnett, and two open spots. The candidates for the two open spots include Phil Hughes, Hector Noesi, David Phelps, Adam Warren, and possibly others.

Outside of the team, however, there are more options. Could one of those options be the big splash of the 2011 off-season?

Assuming the Yankees only sign one starter, not including the possibility of a Freddy Garcia signing, or a Bartolo Colon-like signing, here are the options:

Option #1- Sign C.J. Wilson-

Wilson has received interest from the Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, and others. The main suitor is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a team that does not even necessarily need pitching.

Personally, I am not willing to give Wilson more than four years $60 million, but Wilson could make up to 5 years $100 million on the open market. This is one option I really hope the Yankees do not think too much of.

Option #2- Sign Yu Darvish-

This seems like the best option to many, but there are major questions surrounding a possible deal. First of all, Darvish has not been posted yet. Secondly, the Yankees could be out-bid by another team and not have the opportunity to sign him. Finally, the Yankees do not know of his MLB capabilities.

I have some interest in this option, but do not feel it is a "must do" option.

Option #3- Sign Roy Oswalt, Mark Buehrle, or Edwin Jackson-

In Jim Bowden's tweet, he mentioned Oswalt as one of the Yankees main options. Edwin Jackson, somewhat of a journeyman in his career, is still young and has a lot of potential. I would not be surprised to see either of the two sign with the Yankees, but I would not give either a big deal.

Mark Buehrle is one player that the Yankees may, and should have interest in. The best possible move the Yankees can make this off-season in my opinion is signing Mark Buehrle to a two year deal, inserting him into the rotation, not spending too much money, and leaving the option of signing a pitcher in 2013 open. The major roadblock is if Buehrle has interest pitching in New York, which it does not seem like he does.

Option #4- Trade for an Oakland Athletics Pitcher-

There is no knowing if the A's are really going to be interested in trading one of Gio Gonzalez or Trevor Cahill, but it would not shock me if the Yankees try hard to get one of the two.

I imagine the package to get one of the two would include Jesus Montero, and if not both killer B's would need to be involved. Due to the large number of walks both pitchers throw, I am not too interested in this option.

Option #5- Trade for Carlos Zambrano-

If this is what happens, ~99% of Yankees fans, including myself, will be shocked and upset by the move. Zambrano has one year left on his contract, but is widely known as a clubhouse killer and hothead. The Yankees could get Zambrano for a relatively small amount, but it still does not seem worth it, nor likely.

Option #6- A Move Out of the Blue-

Simply, none of the five options previously listed. If I wrote this same list in 2010, I would not have included a trade for Javier Vazquez. No one other than Brian Cashman truly knows who is available, or who the Yankees are interested in. Perhaps Cashman has a big move up his sleeve.

Will the Yankees end up making a big move? Thoughts?