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MLB Hot Stove News - November 15, 2011

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As Brandon C. so kindly mentioned, the GM meetings in Milwaukee have commenced and we'll likely begin to see more discussions and signings in the near future. 

Here's what's at the top of the news feed in baseball today: 

  1. Roy Oswalt's agent is rumored to be meeting with Kansas City Royals' brass either today or tomorrow. A Royals official has cautioned that interest in the organization is minimal, so I'm not exactly sure what the interest is. 
  2. The San Diego Padres reached an agreement earlier today with Mark Kotsay for one year, $1.25 million. Yes, Kotsay is apparently still an active ML player. 
  3. The Los Angeles Dodgers signed second baseman Mark Ellis to a two year, $8.75 million contract today. This deal is hot on the heels of a monstrous contract offer to All-Star right fielder Matt Kemp
  4. Extended replay in baseball for fair/foul calls is a possibility.
  5. Kevin Long will work with Brett Gardner, Jesus Montero, Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher, Brandon Laird, and Alex Rodriguez this off-season. If you are wondering why it doesn't say Gardner in the link, Carig retweeted that Long worked with Gardner earlier.
In other news, Tigers ace Justin Verlander captured the Cy Young award in a unanimous decision today. He displayed dominance all season and was well deserving of the award. No real shocker there.