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New York Yankees News Recap: Posada, Reyes, Pitching & Betances

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Joe Torre said Jorge Posada is Hall of Fame worthy. David Cone also chimed in, alluding to his belief that it's time for Posada to retire -

I went through some of the same things at the end of my career. I was equally as stubborn. I certainly feel for him. If I had it to do over in my own case, I probably would do some things differently.

  • Joe Girardi is on board with Brian Cashman's plans to add pitching depth.
  • A great, in-depth scouting report/profile on top pitching prospect Dellin Betances. To sum up -

...he's got enough stuff to have a very high ceiling, but some flaws that leave him a significant way away from reaching that upside.

  • Irving Franklin, 93, inventor of the modern batting glove, died last week in his sleep -

Mr. Franklin and Franklin Sports became best known for innovating the design and make of the first batting glove in the 1980s, and became manufacturer of the "Official Batting Glove of Major League Baseball" soon after.