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Sunday Afternoon Hot Stove News

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Please stay safe!
Please stay safe!

Lots of interesting articles out there on this beautiful (because the Eagles lost) day.

The New York Yankees are hoping that Phil Hughes comes to camp slimmer. Do you consider Hughes a definite part of the 2012 rotation?

Alex Rodriguez is determined to make the Yankees' best off-season acquisition a new and improved Alex Rodriguez. Do you think Rodriguez will improve, or decline?

Following the Wilson Ramos kidnapping, Jesus Montero is "scared" to return to Venezuela, but he will still do so. Here's to hoping Montero has a safe trip. Ramos shared his story here.*

Cuban OF Yoenis Cespedes will likely not become a free agent for two months.

Pete Abraham believes Dale Sveum and Mike Maddux will get the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs manager jobs, respectively, while Jon Heyman reports that Terry Francona and Mike Matheny are the two final candidates for the St. Louis Cardinals managerial opening. UPDATE: Mike Matheny named Cardinals manager.

The Astros move to the AL is expected to be made for the 2013 MLB season, reports Jim Bowden.

Meanwhile, there's this. Will Jorge Vazquez ever get a chance with the Yankees? Anywhere?

*The coverage of Ramos' being kidnapped was absolutely awful, especially by ESPN. ESPN barely even covered the story, instead interviewing random nonsensical blabbering fools about Penn State football, which was not even covered well either.