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New York Yankees News and Notes 11/11/11

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They just had to go there, didn't they:

It was Jorge Posada who first mentioned Bernie Williams last night. Posada said he’d been talking to Williams a lot this offseason — in fact, the two had talked earlier that day — and Williams was advising patience. He didn’t want Posada rushing to a decision, one way or the other, about whether to play next season.

I can't say that I would accept reality and retire with grace if I was in Posada's situation.  But Bernie Williams is probably the last person he wants to be conversing this with right now.  There is a World Baseball Classic coming up, and I don't want to see Posada playing in it......

The prospect of AJ Burnett playing elsewhere next season is more of a possibility than you probably think, and the Braves recent trade of Derek Lowe to the Indians would probably be the benchmark.  After all:

Chien-Ming Wang, who has thrown 62.1 innings in the last two years, got a $4 million guarantee. While that deal itself doesn’t necessarily set the bar, the dearth of free agent pitching could certainly push up prices. If we look to last off-season as a guide, Jake Westbrook got two years at $16.5 million, as did Carl Pavano. Javy Vazquez, coming off an unimaginably bad season, got $7 mil. Those types of deals can happen when there’s not much pitching on the market.

If the Yankees ate enough of Burnett's salary that the new team would only be on the hook for around $5 million a season, I think they'd have some suitors.