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New York Yankees News and Notes

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Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. I expected more from the community after we found out that Jorge Posada will not be returning to the Yankees, even though it has been speculated and even expected. Though Posada must surely be the headline, there are some other interesting tidbits floating around the inter-Google.

  • According to GM Brian Cashman, the roster "isn't perfect" and he is not content with the team's pitching staff. Cashman will explore the trade market and free agency, but hasn't gotten very far just yet.
  • He also made the under-statement of the year: "We've got a lot of money currently committed." Just in case that needed clarification.

  • Staying with the Cashman trend, the GM stated that it's too early in the off-season for any serious discussion about free agents or potential trades: "It's really premature. I haven't engaged every agent yet, and I haven't engaged every GM yet, even though I'm trying."
  • Sean Hartnett of CBS Sports opines that Mark Buehrle is the Yankees' best free agent bet. 
  • Over at MLB Trade Rumors, Mike Axia tells us that the Yankees were aware of Jonathan Sanchez's availability, but the team did not have discussions about acquiring him. 
  • Also from Axisa, the Yankees have a ton of scouts in the Dominican Republic this week, and they are there to see more players than just Yoenis Cespedes.