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Win Derek Jeter DVD in Free Agent Prediction Contest

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You need to correctly predict where the following free agents will be playing in 2012 (or perhaps, in some cases, nowhere (i.e. retirement)). I need the name of the organization (mind you, MLB is not the only place to play pro-ball) they'll be contracted to on Opening Day 2012. The five with the most correct guesses will receive a DVD featuring Derek Jeter's 3000th hit game, courtesy of A&E.

Update: No signings made before the deadline will count (e.g. Papelbon).

Carlos Beltran

Mark Buehrle

Yoenis Cespedes

Bruce Chen

Michael Cuddyer

Yu Darvish

J.D. Drew

Prince Fielder

Kosuke Fukudome

Rafael Furcal

Freddy Garcia

Vlad Guerrero

Rich Harden

Aaron Hill

Raul Ibanez

Casey Kotchman

Hideki Matsui

Nate McLouth

David Ortiz

Jon Papelbon

Albert Pujols

Jose Reyes

Francisco Rodriguez

Grady Sizemore

Javy Vazquez

Tim Wakefield

C.J. Wilson

Tiebreaker: The total guaranteed money in Wilson's new contract.

Entries must be entered by 11 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) in the comments. One entry per reader. Good luck!