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Yankees/MLB Hot Stove News and Rumors - November 1st

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Scanning the daily hot stove stories, there's a few notable headlines that every baseball fan should be interested in. Of course, we'll cover any and all breaking news as it happens. 

  • With the resigning of CC Sabathia last night, the Yankees will now turn their attention to even more "pitching, pitching, pitching", according to New York GM Brian Cashman. What's been such a brilliant point raised by a few writers and analysts is that the Yankees can now comfortably peruse the free agent market and not feel the burden of needing to land a top flight starting pitcher. Sure, the starting pitching rotation isn't the best in baseball. However, there isn't a desperate feeling of forcing a foolish signing because Sabathia is back. 
  • For those of you looking for a solid article about Yu Darvish, look no further than Dave Cameron over at fangraphs. He wrote an informative piece comparing Yu Darvish to other dominant "Super 2" pitchers in baseball. Would the "lowest projected figure" of $102 million over six years ($30 million posting fee, $72 million contract) be worth it? 
  • The Boston Red Sox could potentially be looking at Grady Sizemore to fill a need out in right field. Sizemore spent the first eight years of his career manning centerfield for the Cleveland Indians, so a move to a corner outfield position would be a new transition for the oft-injured 29-year-old. Speculation is that he might receive an incentive-laden contract. He offers perhaps the most intriguing risk/reward offering on the free agent market. Plenty of teams should be kicking the tires when his name is pulled up. 
  • C.J. Wilson, arguably the best starting pitcher on the market, has expressed his desire to remain with the Texas Rangers. He'll cost a pretty penny this offseason simply based off two years of relatively great starting pitching: 31-15 record, 427.1 innings, 3.14 ERA, 3.5 BB/9, 7.9 SO/9, 0.5 HR/9. 
  • Carlos Beltran switched from famed agent Scott Boras to Dan Lozano earlier today. If you recall, Boras helped Beltran hold the New York Mets to a king's ransom of seven years, $119 million back in January of 2005. 
  • Props to and for some of the above stories and statistics. 

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