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Brian Cashman Conference Call News

The Yankees did not pick up their option on Andrew Brackman, a former first round draft pick, making Brackman a free agent. Brackman made his MLB debut for the Yankees in September 2011. I would love to bring him back on a minor league deal.

Joba Chamberlain tweeted to Kim Jones that he is tentatively planned to be off a mound before Thanksgiving.

Brian Cashman on Jesus Montero, courtesy of Kim Jones:

"He could be a catcher, he could be a DH, he could be a bat off the bench, depending on how the roster looks."

Brian Cashman on the Yankees winter plans, courtesy of Scott Miller:

Yankees winter wish list according to GM Cashman: "Pitching, pitching, pitching."

Cashman on Russell Martin, after comparing his leadership skills to that of Thurman Munson:

"He's under our control. (Arbitration eligible.) He was fantastic, he didn't disappoint. ....I'm a big fan."

In other news, Francisco Cervelli will be ready to go, and the Yankees will consider a long term deal for Martin.

So, the Yankees will be going after pitching, they do not see offense as a problem, and they may sign a lefty reliever. Pretty much what we have known all off-season. Could this mean the Yankees will go all out for Darvish? Wilson? Thoughts?