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Brian Cashman Agrees to Three Year Extension with New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees agreed to a three year extension today, continuing his stay as the longest tenured General Manager in the American League East.

The Yankees announced the move, but not the details of the deal today.

Update: the deal is for three years at "about $9 million" total.

Cashman, 44, will hopefully receive more power in this new deal, as his lack of power was shown in the Rafael Soriano deal. Randy Levine and the upper management individuals overrode Cashman's decision not to sign the former Tampa Bay Rays closer, thus the double digit million dollar set up man the Yankees have now.

Now that the Yankees have Cashman signed up and ready to go, expect some further moves, such as free agent signings, trades, and/or possibly interest in Yu Darvish.

Speaking of Darvish, he could be posted very soon. Both Ichiro Suzuki and Daisuke Matsuzaka were posted in early November, and both of their processes went by extremely quickly, with deals done in less than two weeks.

When we receive news of the numbers of the Cashman deal this post will be updated. Stay tuned.