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New York Yankees News - November 1, 2011

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If you've been hiding under a rock, there's a slight chance you may not know the following news. Last night, Yankee ace CC Sabathia announced via twitter and, approximately five hours before he could opt-out of the final four years of his contract, that he will be back in 2012 to help lead New York's relentless pursuit of championship #28. 

Sabathia and the Yankees came to an agreement on a new contract that will keep Sabathia in New York for 5 years and be worth at least $122 million. Essentially, Sabathia's newest contract tacks on an additional year and $30 million to the existing one. The following is a complete breakdown of the contract by ESPNNewYork. 

Sabathia will be paid $25 million in 2016, which is the final year of the new contract, the source said. The deal contains a vesting option for $25 million in 2017 with a $5-million buyout solely on the condition of his shoulder since the Yankees have some concern about a pre-condition. Sabathia, who also retains a hotel suite on trips, a no-trade provision and the right to buy tickets, will qualify for the vesting option as long as he spends less than 45 days on the disabled list with a shoulder injury in 2016.

Obviously, this is tremendous news. While it's certainly possible that the Yankees might be overpaying their big southpaw a few years from now, he's proven to be their most reliable starter as well as an unbelievable workhorse over the past three years. He's an asset that's too big to surrender and it's great that he'll be back without the opt-out clause providing a sticky situation. 

In other news, two New York Yankees casually downing some snake blood? Huh?

A bus of MLB All-Stars pulled up to "Snake Alley" in a section of Taipei City, Taiwan yesterday and many players decided to take part in a ritual that was sure to be a cultural shock. A local shop owner sacrificed a snake and drained its blood into different shot glasses for American baseball players to test out. Yes, Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano both drank one each. 

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano declined to try the blood at the first shop, but when the players came across a second one, Cano relented -- after convincing his father, Jose, to try it, too. As it turned out, both walked away from the experience thinking it wasn't such a big deal.

"I never drank it before in my years playing in Taiwan because nobody would drink it with me," Jose said. "But I finally tried it."


Apparently the blood is supposed to help restore stamina and help with the beauty of ones skin. Would any of you readers tried it out?

This was an article from a few days ago, but I don't remember reading much about it. According to his agent, Scott Boras, Rafael Soriano will not opt-out of his contract for free agency. I can barely even consider this news and I'm not surprised it flew under the radar. The seventh-eighth inning man is due to make $11 million in 2012. 


Morning questions: 

1) With ten years ago very early this morning marking the anniversary of Derek Jeter's walk-off homer in Game 4 of the 2001 World Series as well as Scott Brosius' heroic game-tying home in Game 5, what's your favorite playoff baseball moment?

2) Did anyone expect CC Sabathia not to opt-out of his contract? If so, you're likely one of very few. 

3) Any prediction on what time Brian Cashman's deal is made official today? I can't imagine it won't be announced at some point this morning or afternoon. 


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