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New York Yankee News: Baseball Outside New York Edition

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If you missed the NLDS Game 5s last night, you missed baseball at its best.

Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball, my favorite pitcher to watch work, pitched 8 innings of 1 run ball and lost because Chris Carpenter threw a complete game 3 hit shutout.

Suddenly, the Phillies with their overwhelming rotation and the best record in baseball, are home for the winter.

The Brewers-Diamondbacks game was even more exciting, with a safety squeeze in the top of the ninth to keep the Diamondbacks' season alive, before a walk-off single. They'll meet the Cardinals in the NLCS; the last time they won a postseason series (in 1982) they were an American League team, and they played the Cardinals in the World Series.

Are the Yankees hesitant to add more than a year or two to CC Sabathia's deal? They should be; a Cliff Lee deal ($125M/5Y) would take Sabathia to age 36, mark a $2M/Y raise and a year extension.

After solving the Sabathia question, is CJ Wilson the Yankees' top target?

Is the only way for the Yankees to make the ALCS to play the Twins in the Division Series?